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A quick update post. I’ve recently ordered and taken delivery of a copy of GCN’s book “Endurance”, co-written by endurance legends Mark Beaumont and Laura Penhaul.

So far I’ve read about a third of the book, and I am very impressed. Unsurprisingly it focuses primarily on cycling, but it’s messages (as many cycling skills) certainly appear to be applicable in many other situations off the saddle. I’m certain I’ll be able to use these tips personally and professionally. […]

Why and how you should cycle in winter

Well, its that time of year again. The time where, as a passionate cyclist, one struggles to find anybody else who wants to join in on a weekend ride. COVID-19 restrictions notwithstanding, surely there’s nothing more refreshing than a quick spin through the countryside on a brisk winter’s day. […]

The longest 27.4 km: Up the Großglockner

Not bad for someone who just bought his first road bike 4 months ago. As I briskly pedalled up the gentle sloping tarmac of the famous Großglockner Hochalpenstraße with a 1,656 metre ascent ahead of me, part of me was nervous and hoping that my preparations were sufficient, the other part blindly stubborn, perhaps not fully understanding what lay ahead of me. […]

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